The Web Conference 2024 logo has a mascot of three trees, with a golden accent colour.


The Web community hosts researchers and practitioners from all over the world, working on various aspects of the Web. The golden branches of the three trees in the logo subtly spell out 'WWW', which stands for 'World Wide Web' that is a long-standing reference to this conference series now known as The Web Conference.

The 'three trees' also represent the multi-cultural nature of the Singapore society, a 'web' of different races, recognising three official languages of Chinese, Malay, and Tamil, in addition to English as the main working language for all.

Singapore is also known as a Garden City, not merely a city with gardens, rather a city set in a beautiful garden. The trees in the logo are reminiscent of the Supertree Grove in the Gardens by the Bay, an iconic destination of Singapore.

The 'golden accent colour' represents the sun. Singapore is located in the tropics, with warm weather all year long, amidst a vibrant and growing South-East Asian region.

Together, trees and the sun symbolise growth and life. Our Web community is alive and growing with new ideas and people. It is our aspiration that The 2024 ACM Web Conference in Singapore will help to foster this continued growth.