Accepted Papers - Short Papers

Can we Soft Prompt LLMs for Graph Learning Tasks?

Zheyuan Liu, Xiaoxin He, Yijun Tian and Nitesh Chawla

Everything Perturbed All at Once: Enabling Differentiable Graph Attacks

Haoran Liu, Bokun Wang, Jianling Wang, Xiangjue Dong, Tianbao Yang and James Caverlee

Unlink to Unlearn: Simplifying Edge Unlearning in GNNs

Jiajun Tan, Fei Sun, Ruichen Qiu, Du Su and Huawei Shen

Near-duplicate Question Detection

Preetam Prabhu Srikar Dammu and Omar Alonso

Tackling Long-Tailed Entities for Temporal Knowledge Graph Completion

Mehrnoosh Mirtaheri, Ryan Rossi, Sungchul Kim, Kanak Mahadik, Tong Yu, Xiang Chen and Mohammad Rostami

End-to-end Graph-Sequential Representation Learning for Accurate Recommendations

Vladimir Baikalov and Evgeny Frolov

Item-Ranking Promotion in Recommender Systems

Hong-Kyun Bae, Hae-Ri Jang, Yang-Sae Moon and Sang-Wook Kim

HBIAS FedAvg: Smooth Federated Learning Transition for In-use Edge Models

Anupam Gupta, Pabitra Mitra and Sudip Misra

From Creation to Clarification: ChatGPT's Journey Through the Fake News Quagmire

Yue Huang, Kai Shu, Philip S. Yu and Lichao Sun

LLaCE: Locally Linear Contrastive Embedding

Ruichen Liu, Yang Liu and Jiming Liu

The Invisible Game on the Internet: A Case Study of Decoding Deceptive Patterns

Zewei Shi, Ruoxi Sun, Jieshan Chen, Jiamou Sun and Minhui Xue

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Exploring Representational Similarity Analysis to Protect Federated Learning from Data Poisoning

Gengxiang Chen, Kai Li, Ahmed M. Abdelmoniem and Linlin You

Improving Model Robustness against Adversarial Examples with Redundant Fully Connected Layer

Ziming Zhao, Zhaoxuan Li, Tingting Li, Jiongchi Yu, Fan Zhang and Rui Zhang

DiffuRetrieval: A Chain-of-Thought Enhanced Diffusion Retrieval in Sponsored Search

Yadong Zhang, Siyu Lu, Qiang Liu and Xingxing Wang

Thought Graph: Generating Thought Process for Biological Reasoning

Chi-Yang Hsu, Kyle Cox, Jiawei Xu, Zhen Tan, Tianhua Zhai, Mengzhou Hu, Dexter Pratt, Tianlong Chen, Ziniu Hu and Ying Ding

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On the Scale-Free Property of Citation Networks: An Empirical Study

Xiaoshi Zhong and Huizhi Liang

Automatic Construction of Expiration Time Expression Dataset from Retweets

Hirotaka Nagashima and Keishi Tajima

Finding What Users Look for by Attribute-Aware Personalized Item Comparison in Relevant Recommendation

Rui Ma, Dike Sun, Jincheng Xu, Jingsong Yuan and Jiandong Zhang

Finding Dense and Persistently Expansive Subgraphs

Petros Petsinis, Charalampos E. Tsourakakis and Panagiotis Karras

Task-Driven Quantum Device Fingerprint Identification via Modeling QNN Outcome Shift Induced by Quantum Noise

Tingting Li, Ziming Zhao and Jianwei Yin

Hyperbolic Heterogeneous Graph Attention Networks

Jongmin Park, Seunghoon Han, Soohwan Jeong and Sungsu Lim

The Effect of Alter Ego Accounts on A/B Tests in Social Networks

Katherine Avery, Amir Houmansadr and David Jensen

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News-Driven Price Movement Forecasting with Label-Prior Graph Attention

Yi-Ting Liu, Chung-Chi Chen, Hen-Hsen Huang and Hsin-Hsi Chen

CardiO: Predicting Cardinality from Online Sources

Shrestha Ghosh, Simon Razniewski, Damien Graux and Gerhard Weikum

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Boost Social Recommendation via Adaptive Denoising Network

Xinran Chen, Chaobo He and Quanlong Guan

Enabling Patient-side Disease Prediction via the Integration of Patient Narratives

Zhixiang Su, Yinan Zhang, Jiazheng Jing, Jie Xiao and Zhiqi Shen

GraphSAGE-based POI Recommendation via Continuous-Time Modeling

Yuwen Liu, Lianyong Qi, Weiming Liu, Xiaolong Xu, Xuyun Zhang and Wanchun Dou

The Impact of Cluster Centroid and Text Review Embeddings on Recommendation Methods

Peter Dolog, Ylli Sadikaj, Yllka Velaj, Andreas Stephan, Benjamin Roth and Claudia Plant

LinkGuard: Link Locally Privacy-Preserving Graph Neural Networks with Integrated Denoising and Private Learning

Yuxin Qi, Xi Lin, Ziyao Liu, Gaolei Li, Jingyu Wang and Jianhua Li

Generator-Guided Crowd Reaction Assessment

Sohom Ghosh, Chung-Chi Chen and Sudip Kumar Naskar

Term Importance for Transformer-Based QA Retrieval: A Case Study of StackExchange

Bryan Zhi Yang Tan and Hady Lauw

Semantic interlinking of Immigration Data using LLMs for Knowledge Graph Construction

Radhakrishnan Venkatakrishnan, Emrah Tanyildizi and M. Abdullah Canbaz

An Identity Alignment Method based on Online Tracking

Ruisheng Shi, Zhiyuan Peng, Tong Fu, Lina Lan, Jiaqi Zeng, Yuyang Shi, Jinqiao Shi, Shenwen Lin and Lin Li

Hierarchical Tensor Clustering for Multiple Graphs Representation

Karima Boutalbi, Rafika Boutalbi, Herve Verjus and Kave Salamatian

Online Sampling of Summaries from Public SPARQL Endpoints

Thi Hoang Thi Pham, Hala Skaf-Molli, Pascal Molli and Brice Nédelec

Smooth Anonymity for Sparse Graphs

Alessandro Epasto, Hossein Esfandiari, Vahab Mirrokni and Andres Munoz Medina

GreenRec: A Large-Scale Dataset for Green Food Recommendation

Lingzi Zhang, Yinan Zhang, Xin Zhou and Zhiqi Shen

Predicting Node Influence in Complex Networks by the K-Shell Entropy and Degree Centrality

Shima Esfandiari and Seyed Mostafa Fakhrahmad

3D Face Reconstruction Using A Spectral-Based Graph Convolution Encoder

Haoxin Xu, Zezheng Zhao, Yuxin Cao, Chunyu Chen, Hao Ge and Ziyao Liu

Knowledge Induced Transformer Network for Causality Prediction

Tirthankar Dasgupta, Manjira Sinha and Abir Naskar

Rethinking Sequential Relationships: Improving Sequential Recommenders with Inter-Sequence Data Augmentation

Yang Jiao, Fan Yang, Yetian Chen, Yan Gao, Jia Liu and Yi Sun

Breaking the Bot Barrier: Evaluating the Effectiveness of Adversarial AI Techniques Against Multi-Modal Defense Models 

Behzad Ousat, Dongsheng Luo and Amin Kharraz

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MetroGNN: Metro Network Expansion with Reinforcement Learning

Hongyuan Su, Yu Zheng, Jingtao Ding, Depeng Jin and Yong Li

RealGraphGPU++: A High-Performance GPU-Based Graph Engine with Direct Storage-to-DM IO

Jeong-Min Park, Myung-Hwan Jang, Duck-Ho Bae and Sang-Wook Kim

Unsupervised Search Algorithm Configuration using Query Performance Prediction

Haggai Roitman

A User-State Based Interest Transfer Network for Cross-Domain Recommendation

Pingjun Pan, Jialu Wang, Tingting Zhou, Wenyu Yang and Hongxiang Chen

A Study of Vulnerability Repair in JavaScript Programs with Large Language Models

Tan Khang Le, Saba Alimadadi and Steven Y. Ko

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General2Specialized LLMs Translation for E-commerce

Kaidi Chen, Ben Chen, Dehong Gao, Huangyu Dai, Wen Jiang, Wei Ning, Shanqing Yu, Libin Yang and Xiaoyan Cai

Counterfactual Explanations for Visual Recommender Systems

Neham Jain, Vibhhu Sharma and Gaurav Sinha

Deanonymizing Transactions Originating from Monero Tor Hidden Service Nodes

Ruisheng Shi, Yulian Ge, Zhiyuan Peng, Lina Lan, Shenwen Lin and Li Lin

Coordinated Activity Modulates the Behavior and Emotions of Organic Users: A Case Study on Tweets about the Gaza Conflict

Priyanka Dey, Luca Luceri and Emilio Ferrara

WebGraph: The Next Generation (is in Rust)

Sebastiano Vigna, Tommaso Fontana and Stefano Zacchiroli

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Why Deeper Layers May Introduce More Bias

Rui Xia, Lisong Wang and Pingping Shi

De-Anchor: Mitigating Attention Polarization for Lifelong User Behavior Modeling in Click-Through Rate Prediction

Hongzun Liu, Kang Yin, Tianyu Sun, Rui Huang, Yunsong Li, Xiao Fang, Zhaojie Liu, Weidong Liu and Guori Zhou

GradFilt: Class-wise Targeted Data Reconstruction from Gradients in Federated Learning

Rui Zhang, Song Guo and Ping Li

Advancing Stance Detection of Political Fan Pages: A Multimodal Approach

Kuan-Hung Kuo, Ming-Hung Wang, Hung-Yu Kao and Yu-Chen Dai

Shock! Quantifying the Impact of Core Developers' Dropout on the Productivity of OSS Projects

Giuseppe Russo Latona, Christoph Gote, Christian Zingg, Giona Casiraghi, Luca Verginer and Frank Schweitzer

Structural Podcast Content Modeling with Generalizability

Yijun Tian, Maryam Aziz, Alice Wang, Enrico Palumbo and Hugues Bouchard

Detecting Poisoning Attacks on Federated Learning Using Gradient-Weighted Class Activation Mapping

Jingjing Zheng, Kai Li, Xin Yuan, Wei Ni and Eduardo Tovar

Fighting against Fake News on Newly-Emerging Crisis: A Case Study of COVID-19

Migyeong Yang, Chaewon Park, Jiwon Kang, Daeun Lee, Daejin Choi and Jinyoung Han

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Detecting Generated Native Ads in Conversational Search

Sebastian Schmidt, Ines Zelch, Janek Bevendorff, Benno Stein, Matthias Hagen and Martin Potthast

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Large Language Models as Data Augmenters for Cold-Start Item Recommendation

Jianling Wang, Haokai Lu, James Caverlee, Ed H. Chi and Minmin Chen

Unveiling Wash Trading in Popular NFT Markets

Yuanzheng Niu, Xiaoqi Li, Hongli Peng and Wenkai Li

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Targeted Filter Bubbles Mitigating via Edges Insertion

Yanping Wu, Jinghao Wang, Renjie Sun, Chen Chen, Xiaoyang Wang and Ying Zhang

Over-Sampling Strategy in Feature Space for Graphs based Class-imbalanced Bot Detection

Shuhao Shi, Kai Qiao, Chen Chen, Jie Yang, Jian Chen and Bin Yan

Understanding Deployment Experience of 5G

Ziyi Liu, Huandong Wang and Yong Li

RimiRec: Modeling Refined Multi-interest in Hierarchical Structure for Recommendation

Haolei Pei, Yuanyuan Xu, Yangping Zhu and Yuan Nie

Dual Graph Networks with Synthetic Oversampling for Imbalanced Rumor Detection on Social Media

Yen-Wen Lu, Chih-Yao Chen and Cheng-Te Li

FaST: Accelerating Web Front-end Data Binding with Compiler and Visible Anchor

Tatsuru Tomizawa, Seiki Makino, Taiga Kume, Satoki Hamanaka, Tadashi Okoshi and Nakazawa Jin

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How We Refute Claims: Automatic Fact-Checking through Flaw Identification and Explanation

Wei-Yu Kao and An-Zi Yen

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Travel Demand Prediction with Application to Commuter Demand Estimation on Urban Railways

Yohei Kodama, Yuki Akeyama, Yusuke Miyazaki and Koh Takeuchi

Characterizing the Solana NFT Ecosystem

Dechao Kong, Xiaoqi Li and Wenkai Li

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One-shot Pairing and Authentication Using Moms Secret

Ubaid Ur Rehman and Sungyoung Lee

Multi-round counterfactual generation: interpreting and improving models of text classification

Huajie Zhang, Ying Yuxin, Fuzhen Zhuang, Haiqin Weng, Ying Sun, Zhao Zhang, Yiqi Tong and Yan Liu

iSpLib: A Library for Accelerating Graph Neural Networks using Auto-tuned Sparse Operations

Md Saidul Hoque Anik, Pranav Badhe, Rohit Gampa and Ariful Azad

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Ad Laundering: How Websites Deceive Advertisers into Rendering Ads Next to Illicit Content

Emmanouil Papadogiannakis, Panagiotis Papadopoulos, Evangelos Markatos and Nicolas Kourtellis

DeFiTail : DeFi Protocol Inspection through Cross-Contract Execution Analysis

Wenkai Li, Xiaoqi Li, Yuqing Zhang and Zongwei Li

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Are we Making Much Progress? Revisiting Chemical Reaction Yield Prediction from an Imbalanced Regression Perspective

Yihong Ma, Xiaobao Huang, Bozhao Nan, Nuno Moniz, Xiangliang Zhang, Olaf Wiest and Nitesh V. Chawla

Simple Multigraph Convolution Networks

Danyang Wu, Xinjie Shen, Jitao Lu, Jin Xu and Feiping Nie

Robust Federated Learning Mitigates Client-side Training Data Distribution Inference Attacks

Yichang Xu, Ming Yin, Minghong Fang and Neil Zhenqiang Gong

Group-wise K-anonymity meets ($epsilon$, $delta$) Differentially Privacy Scheme

Kenneth Odoh

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Generating Privacy-preserving Educational Data Records with Diffusion Model

Quanlong Guan, Yanchong Yu, Xiujie Huang, Liangda Fang, Chaobo He, Lusheng Wu, Weiqi Luo and Guanliang Chen

StateGuard: Detecting State Derailment Defects in Decentralized Exchange Smart Contract

Zongwei Li, Wenkai Li, Xiaoqi Li and Yuqing Zhang

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Rumor Mitigation in Social Networks with Deep Reinforcement Learning

Hongyuan Su, Yu Zheng, Jingtao Ding, Depeng Jin and Yong Li

SWATTING Spambots: Real-time Detection of Malicious Bots on Twitter

Cristian Brokate, Manon Richard, Lisa Giordani and Jean Liénard

Is the 'Impression Log' Beneficial to Evaluating News Recommender Systems? No, it is Not!

Jeewon Ahn, Hong-Kyun Bae and Sang-Wook Kim

How Good are LLMs in Generating Personalized Advertisements?

Elyas Meguellati, Lei Han, Abraham Bernstein, Shazia Sadiq and Gianluca Demartini

Recall-Augmented Ranking: Enhancing Click-Through Rate Prediction Accuracy with Cross-Stage Data

Junjie Huang, Guohao Cai, Jieming Zhu, Zhenhua Dong, Ruiming Tang, Weinan Zhang and Yong Yu

Burstiness-aware Bipartite Graph Neural Networks for Fraudulent User Detection on Rating Platforms

Yen-Wen Lu, Yu-Che Tsai and Cheng-Te Li

Understanding and Counteracting Feature-Level Bias in Click-Through Rate Prediction

Jinqiu Jin, Sihao Ding, Wenjie Wang and Fuli Feng

GPT-generated Text Detection: Benchmark Dataset and Tensor-based Detection Method

Zubair Qazi, William Shiao and Evangelos Papalexakis

Compact Interpretable Tensor Graph Multi-Modal News Embeddings

Dawon Ahn, William Shiao, Arindam Khaled, Andrew James Bauer, Stefanos Poulis and Evangelos E. Papalexakis

Knowledge Guided Conditional Diffusion Model for Controllable Mobile Traffic Generation

Haoye Chai, Tong Li, Fenyu Jiang, Shiyuan Zhang and Yong Li

A Tale of Two Communities: Exploring Academic References on Stack Overflow

Run Huang and Souti Chattopadhyay

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Dual-level Hypergraph Contrastive Learning with Adaptive Temperature

Yiyue Qian, Tianyi Ma, Chuxu Zhang and Yanfang Ye

Critical Nodes Detection: Node Merging Approach

Hongbo Qiu, Renjie Sun, Chen Chen, Xiaoyang Wang and Ying Zhang

ReAT: Retrieval-augmented Transformer for Click-through Rate Prediction

Yushen Li, Jinpeng Wang, Tao Dai, Jieming Zhu, Yuan Jun, Rui Zhang and Shu-Tao Xia

Proactive Recommendation with Iterative Preference Guidance

Shuxian Bi, Wenjie Wang, Hang Pan, Fuli Feng and Xiangnan He

Towards Understanding Crypto-Asset Risks on Ethereum Caused by Key Leakage on the Internet

Yuxuan Zhou, Jiaqi Chen, Yibo Wang, Yuzhe Tang and Guofei Gu

Personalized Ordering of Recommendation-Modules on an E-Commerce Homepage

Haggai Roitman, Alex Nus and Yotam Eshel

FACT-GPT: Fact-Checking Augmentation via Claim Matching with LLMs

Eun Cheol Choi and Emilio Ferrara

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Is Cosine-Similarity of Embeddings Really About Similarity?

Harald Steck, Chaitanya Ekanadham and Nathan Kallus

Dynamic Search Results Re-ranking Method by Advertisement Relevance Feedback based on Users' Unconscious Expectations for Listing Advertisement

Da Li, Shigenaga Hamaguchi, Ruman Suyama, Shinsuke Nakajima and Yukiko Kawai

Position Bias Estimation with Item Embedding for Sparse Dataset

Shion Ishikawa, Yun Ching Liu, Young-joo Chung and Yu Hirate

Efficient Location Sampling Algorithms for Road Networks

Sara Ahmadian, Sreenivas Gollapudi, Kostas Kollias, Vivek Kumar, Ameya Velingker and Santhoshini Velusamy

Turning A Curse into A Blessing: Data-Aware Memory-Efficient Training of Graph Neural Networks by Dynamic Exiting

Yan Han, Kaiqi Chen, Shan Li, Ji Yan, Baoxu Shi, Lei Zhang, Fei Chen, Jaewon Yang, Yunpeng Xu, Xiaoqiang Luo, Qi He, Ying Ding and Zhangyang Wang

Retrieval-augmented Query Reformulation for Heterogeneous Research Asset Retrieval in Virtual Research Environment

Peide Zhu, Na Li and Zhiming Zhao

A Category-agnostic Graph Attention-based approach for determining Notability of complex article titles for Wikipedia

Gokul Thota and Vasudeva Varma

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A Heterogeneous Network fused with Context-aware Contrastive Learning for Sarcasm Topic-Target Pair Identification

Minjie Yuan, Mengyu Xiang, Yuxuan Song, Qiudan Li, Jinye Fu and Daniel Zeng

Semantic Tokenization for Deep CTR Prediction

Qijiong Liu, Hengchang Hu, Jiahao Wu, Jieming Zhu, Min-Yen Kan and Xiao-Ming Wu

I-CoSim: Efficient Dynamic CoSimRank Retrieval on Evolving Networks

Xiaoyu Xu and Weiren Yu

Concentration of Power and Participation in Online Governance: the Ecosystem of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations

Andrea Peña-Calvin, Javier Arroyo, Andrew Schwartz and Samer Hassan

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Disentangled Anomaly Detection For Multivariate Time Series

Xin Jie, Xixi Zhou, Chanfei Su, Zijun Zhou, Yuqing Yuan, Jiajun Bu and Haishuai Wang

Aligning Language Models for Versatile Text-based Item Retrieval

Yuxuan Lei, Jianxun Lian, Jing Yao, Mingqi Wu, Defu Lian and Xing Xie

Content Moderation on Social Media in the EU: Insights From the DSA Transparency Database

Chiara Drolsbach and Nicolas Proellochs

Object-level Copy-Move Forgery Image Detection based on Inconsistency Mining

Jingyu Wang, Niantai Jing, Ziyao Liu, Jie Nie, Yuxin Qi, Chi-Hung Chi and Kwok-Yan Lam

Efficacy of Large Language Models in Predicting Hindi Movies' Attributes: A Comprehensive Survey and Content-Based Analysis

Prabir Mondal, Siddharth Singh, Kushum Kushum, Sriparna Saha, Jyoti Singh, Brijraj Singh and Niranjan Pedanekar

Interpretation-Empowered Neural Cleanse for Backdoor Attacks

Liang-Bo Ning, Zeyu Dai, Jingran Su, Chao Pan, Luning Wang, Wenqi Fan and Qing Li

Who is Creating Malware Repositories on GitHub and Why?

Nishat Ara Tania, Md Rayhanul Masud, Md Omar Faruk Rokon, Qian Zhang and Michalis Faloutsos

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Zero-shot Explainable Mental Health Analysis on Social Media by incorporating Mental Scales

Wenyu Li, Yinuo Zhu, Xin Lin, Ming Li, Ziyue Jiang and Ziqian Zeng

All of Me: Mining Users' Attributes from their Public Spotify Playlists

Pier Paolo Tricomi, Luca Pajola, Luca Pasa and Mauro Conti

MART: Learning Hierarchical Music Audio Representations with Part-Whole Transformer

Dong Yao, Jieming Zhu, Jiahao Xun, Shengyu Zhang, Zhou Zhao, Liqun Deng, Wenqiao Zhang, Zhenhua Dong and Xin Jiang

Benchmarking News Recommendation in the Era of Green AI

Qijiong Liu, Jieming Zhu, Quanyu Dai and Xiao-Ming Wu

Event GDR: Event-Centric Generative Document Retrieval

Yong Guan, Dingxiao Liu, Jinchen Ma, Hao Peng, Xiaozhi Wang, Lei Hou and Ru Li

Exploiting Associations among Multi-Aspect Node Properties in Heterogeneous Graphs for Link Prediction

Chenguang Du, Hao Geng, Deqing Wang, Fuzhen Zhuang, Zhiqiang Zhang and Lanshan Zhang