Accepted Papers - Resource

Ducho 2.0: Towards a More Up-to-Date Unified Framework for the Extraction of Multimodal Features in Recommendation

Matteo Attimonelli, Danilo Danese, Daniele Malitesta, Claudio Pomo, Giuseppe Gassi and Tommaso Di Noia

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The Web Data Commons Table Corpora

Ralph Peeters, Alexander Brinkmann and Christian Bizer

Tel2Veh: Fusion of Telecom Data and Vehicle Flow to Predict Camera-Free Traffic via a Spatio-Temporal Framework

Chungyi Lin, Shen-Lung Tung, Hung-Ting Su and Winston H. Hsu

An Open Platform for Quality Measures in a Linked Data Index

Pierre Maillot, Jennie Andersen, Sylvie Cazalens, Catherine Faron, Fabien Gandon, Philippe Lamarre and Franck Michel

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CompMix: A Benchmark for Heterogeneous Question Answering

Philipp Christmann, Rishiraj Saha Roy and Gerhard Weikum

SE-PQA: Personalized Community Question Answering

Pranav Kasela, Marco Braga, Gabriella Pasi and Raffaele Perego

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Can LLM Substitute Human Labeling? A Case Study of Fine-grained Chinese Address Entity Recognition Dataset for UAV Delivery

Yuxuan Yao, Sichun Luo, Haohan Zhao, Guanzhi Deng and Linqi Song

Graphameleon: Relational Learning and Anomaly Detection on Web Navigation Traces Captured as Knowledge Graphs

Lionel Tailhardat, Benjamin Stach, Yoan Chabot and Raphaƫl Troncy