Accepted Papers - PhD Symposium

Online Disinformation and Generative Language Models: Motivations, Challenges, and Mitigations

Ziyi Guo

Distributed Transparent Data Layer for Next Generation Blockchains

Li Quan

Temporal Knowledge Graph Extraction and Modeling across Multiple Documents for Health Risk Prediction

Rochana Chaturvedi

When Crypto Economics Meet Graph Analytics and Learning

Bingqiao Luo

Towards Reliable and Efficient Long-Term Recommendation with Large Foundation Models

Wentao Shi

Mining Interest Diffusion in Online Activity Data Streams

Shingo Higashiguchi

Comprehensively Auditing the TikTok Mobile App

Levi Kaplan and Piotr Sapiezynski

Outgroup dehumanisation in Telegram – the role of ingroup identity and perception

Elizaveta Chernenko

Leveraging Knowledge-aware Methodologies for Multi-document Summarization

Yutong Qu

Knowledge Enabled Relation Extraction

Monika Jain

In The Beginning, Let There Be The Word

Andrzej Meler

Exact Graph Unlearning for Graph Neural Networks

Jiahao Zhang

Quantifying Governance of Online Communities at Web Scale

Galen Weld

Modeling Cognitive Search with Generalized Additive Model

Jia Lin Cheoh

Incentives in the Ether: Practical Cryptocurrency Economics & Security

Aviv Yaish