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Automating the Information Extraction from Semi-Structured Interview Transcripts

Angelina Parfenova

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DIAERESIS: Knowledge Graph Partitioning for Efficient Query Answering

Georgia Troullinou, Kostas Stefanidis, Dimitris Plexousakis and Haridimos Kondylakis

FashionReGen: LLM-Empowered Fashion Report Generation

Yujuan Ding, Yunshan Ma, Wenqi Fan, Yige Yao, Tat-Seng Chua and Qing Li

Tender Document Analyzer with the Combination of Supervised Learning and LLM-based Improver

Tomoki Ito and Shun Nakagawa

GRACE: Generating Cause and Effect of Disaster Sub-Events from Social Media Text

Xinxi Jiang, Xiang Li, Qifeng Zhou and Qing Wang

Box2Go: Collaborative Interactive Infobox Filling

Benjamin Hättasch and Carsten Binnig

HINCare: An Intelligent Helper Recommender System for Elderly Care

Yun Wang, Wentao Ning, Xiaoman Wu and Reynold Cheng

RealGraphGPUWeb: A Convenient and Efficient GPU-based Graph Analysis Platform on the Web

Jeong-Min Park, Myung-Hwan Jang and Sang-Wook Kim

Linked Open Literature Review using the Neuro-symbolic Open Research Knowledge Graph

Azanzi Jiomekong, Sören Auer and Allard Oelen

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PyGDebias: A Python Library for Debiasing in Graph Learning

Yushun Dong, Zhenyu Lei, Zaiyi Zheng, Song Wang, Jing Ma, Alex Jing Huang, Chen Chen and Jundong Li

Synslator: An Interactive Machine Translation Tool with Online Learning

Jiayi Wang, Ke Wang, Fengming Zhou, Chengyu Wang, Zhiyong Fu, Zeyu Feng, Yu Zhao and Yuqi Zhang

Cornac-AB: An Open-Source Recommendation Framework with Native A/B Testing Integration

Darryl Ong, Quoc-Tuan Truong and Hady Lauw

RecAI: Leveraging Large Language Models for Next-Generation Recommender Systems

Jianxun Lian, Yuxuan Lei, Xu Huang, Jing Yao, Wei Xu and Xing Xie

Towards Personalized Evaluation of Large Language Models with An Anonymous Crowd-Sourcing Platform

Mingyue Cheng, Hao Zhang, Jiqian Yang, Qi Liu, Li Li, Xin Huang, Liwei Song, Zhi Li, Zhenya Huang and Enhong Chen

ACCORD: Constraint-driven Mediation of Multi-user Conflicts in Cloud Services

Abhiroop Tippavajjula, Primal Pappachan, Anna Squicciarini and Jose Such

BoostER: Leveraging Large Language Models for Enhancing Entity Resolution

Huahang Li, Shuangyin Li, Fei Hao, Chen Zhang, Yuanfeng Song and Lei Chen

Scenario-Driven Cyber-Physical-Social System: Intelligent Workflow Generation based on Capability

Yi Li, Xinkui Zhao, Chen Chen, Shengye Pang, Zhengyang Zhou and Jianwei Yin

PKG API: A Tool for Personal Knowledge Graph Management

Nolwenn Bernard, Ivica Kostric, Weronika Łajewska, Krisztian Balog, Petra Galuščáková, Vinay Setty and Martin G Skjæveland

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A Demonstration of Decentralized Search Over Solid Personal Online Datastores

Mohamed Ragab Moawad, Yury Savateev, Helen Oliver, Reza Moosaei, Thanassis Tiropanis, Alex Poulovassilis, Adriane Chapman and George Roussos

Fediscount: Shopping Online at a Federated Store Using FedUP as SPARQL Federation Engine

Julien Aimonier-Davat, Minh Hoeng Dang, Pascal Molli, Brice Nédelec and Hala Skaf-Molli

Brinjal: A Web-Plugin for Collaborative Hate Speech Detection

Ming Shan Hee, Karandeep Singh, Charlotte Si Min Ng, Kenny Tsu Wei Choo and Roy Ka-Wei Lee

SocialGenPod: Privacy-Friendly Generative AI Social Web Applications with Decentralised Personal Data Stores

Vidminas Vizgirda, Rui Zhao and Naman Goel

REAL-UP: Urban Perceptions From LBSNs Helping Moving Real-Estate Market to the Next Level

Frances Santos, Thiago Silva and Leandro Villas

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